Lynn Somers is a Rotterdam-based goldsmith and jewellery designer behind the namesake brand.

Her designs embody the contrast between the digital and analogue, fixed and temporary, formal and casual. She embeds transient textures and organic forms into solid metal, creating pieces that are somehow bold, fresh and delicate at the same time.

It is the kind of jewellery that goes with everything but blends in with nothing - the last thing you put on when you go out and the last thing you will want to take off.

Lynn's designs might be anything but traditional, but they are rooted in her family's decades-long smithing practice. The value of a good piece of jewellery has been imbued in her early on, which is why each piece is made to last, handcrafted from gold or silver, using her parents old tools and grandfather's workbench.

She often works with vintage gold, repurposing existing jewellery into contemporary custom pieces or doing minor repairs, engravings and maintenance.